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We Fly

Who Are the FRΞNLY FLYZ?

FRΞNLY FLYZ are 4,012 randomly generated NFTs buzzing around the Ethereum blockchain. The FRΞNLY FLYZ are on a mission to make the world a frenlier place - one wallet at a time.

Owning a FRΞNLY FLYZ NFT serves as a membership pass that grants access to exclusive perks such as future collections, expert alpha channels, IRL events, giveaways, games, voting rights, community vault, merchandise and more.

No two FRΞNLY FLYZ are alike, but they are all equally frenly and fly.

Dying Supply

FLYZ live fast and die young! The Dying Supply Mechanism is an innovation by our smart contract to automatically decrease the unminted supply of the FLY Pass by 1,000 EVERY 6 HOURS. This was to value our hodlers and increase scarcity.

1 FLY Pass = 1 free airdrop of a FRΞNLY FLYZ NFT

The FLYDRop is yet another innovation we made to value our holders. Using the FLYDrop mechanic, we are able to airdrop FLYZ to FLY Pass holders on the ethereum network without spending exorbitant gas fees.



Status: Accomplished
The FLY Pass

Think of the FLY Pass as a VIP card that rewards early supporters of the project for the first collection and beyond.

We started the mint of 8,888 FLY Passes on February 5, 2021. We did an innovation where we did a simultaneous public and whitelist sale.

The public sale was a success and sold out at 2585/2585 for 0.04ETH each.

The remaining supply was reserved for OG (Original Gangswarm) and the FLY List. Both got a Mint 5 + Get 1 Free perk. Mint discounts were also provided for both.

OG 0.025ETH per pass

FLY List 0.03ETH per pass

Supply was guaranteed for OG and FLY List for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, the Dying Supply Mechanism activated and burned the supply by 1000 every 6 hours. The final supply is now 4012.


Status: Ongoing

One FLY Pass will guarantee a holder an airdrop of one free FRΞNLY FLYZ NFT. The FLY Pass will NOT be burned.

Since only 4012 FLY Passes were minted, only 4012 FLYZ will exist.

There is a lot more utility planned for those FLY Passes, so hang on!

One of which is the immediate utillity — FLY Missions.

FLY Missions will be a recurring mini-adventure treasure hunt game for FLYZ and FLY PASS holders.

Holders can form Swarm Squads and collect together NFTs with specific traits until timer expires.

Rewards can be Swarm Points, ETH, FLYZ NFTs and NFTs from prized projects.

An exclusive alpha channel for Pass Holders has been opened. Numerous whitelist opportunities are being lined up for the swarm as well.


Status: Future Development

The FRΞNLY FLYZ are on a mission to make Earth a better place.

We will pursue a charitable contribution to an environmental advocacy group, primarily focusing on climate, pollution and health issues.

The community will help us pick the donation recipient.

The FRΞNLY FLYZ didn’t anticipate the conditions of Earth’s environment before their arrival. The next generation of FLYZ is looking a little… different…

The Mutant FRANKΞNFLYZ are coming!

Claim one free MUTANT FLYZ for every FLY Pass + FRΞNLY FLYZ that you own (mechanics to be announced)!


Status: Future Development

The FRΞNLY FLYZ also have their compound eyes set on the future with the development of 3D FLYZ avatars that can participate in the metaverse.

The project will acquire other blue chip projects for community ownership.

Then… chameleons?

There’s a thin line between being diplomatic and being dinner. We heard there are Chameleons in The City… What does that mean for the FRΞNLY FLYZ?

A new collection after the FRΞNLY FLYZ and the FRANKΞNFLYZ. A new species. Here comes a bigger and badder challenger.

Hodl a swarm of FLY Passes and FLYZ for a greater chance against this mysterious new species. Stay tuned, the adventures of the FRΞNLY FLYZ have only just begun!


Pong (Paulo Alexander Dela Cruz) 

Founder & Artist

Pong is a full-time NFT artist from the Philippines who has worked on projects such as Galaxy Fight Club, KaijuKingz Turntables, Space Yetis and Primal Beasts. Pong got his degree in Architectural Technology and has been in the art business since 2016. He is a freelance illustrator, business owner and an NFT collector. He is also involved with Play-to-Earn games via the Philippine community Real Deal Guild.

DRTZ (Eldritz Sindayen) 

Founder & Artist

Eldritz is a full-time NFT degen and a student of architecture from the Philippines. He is a core member of NFTShack and one of the homies behind Kaiju Turntables. Now, as he continues his NFT journey with FRΞNLY FLYZ, he is thrilled he found some frens whom he can share his experiences with.

nARTist (Tristan Dinglasan) 

Founder & Artist

Tristan is a student of Architecture and is passionate about art. As the third member of NFTShack, he specializes in Architectural 3D Rendering, Pixel Art, and Voxel Art. He is a Founding Artist of FRΞNLY FLYZ and is an artist for Primal Beast.

Bam Alegre 

Project Manager

News anchor and senior news correspondent for a leading news organization in the Philippines for over 13 years. Bam entered the NFT rabbit hole in March 2021 via NBA Topshot and went full degen on flipping and hodling JPEGs as well as playing the grind game in September. His favorite projects are Doodles, Onchain Monkey, Cosmic Labs and Thingdoms. FRΞNLY FLYZ is Bam’s passion project with friends from his NFT alpha group FuzzFam and the Philippine artist triumvirate NFTShack. His nose for the news comes in handy as he navigates the rapidly evolving NFT space.

Zircodium (Dan Truitt)


Dan is a professional software engineer, specializing in development on niche platforms for mission critical systems in biotherapeutics by day. Dan brings a fervent attention to detail and 8+ years experience developing systems for high-risk applications to his web 3 development workflow.

Doomfly (Adam Swain) 

Creative Director & Marketing

Marketing Supervisor for a Civil and Environmental Engineering firm by day, full-on degen and FRΞNLY FLYZ by night, Adam lives with his wife and 3-year-old son in Miami, Florida. He began his NFT journey in early 2021 with the Cardano NFT project Spacebudz and decided to hop on board the Ethereum NFT bandwagon in August when he came across popular NFT project, Robotos. His hobbies include cooking, basketball, reading, writing, making frens and collecting JPEGS. He used to dream of opening a restaurant in South Florida but now dreams of taking FRΞNLY FLYZ to the moon.

Fly Wizard (Alec Jenkins) 

Strategy Director / Game Master / Originator of the Ceremonial !BAM

10+ years of experience working in CRE Finance outside of Washington, D.C., Alec joined Top Shot in February 2021 and has been diving headfirst down the NFT rabbit hole ever since. Discovered the FuzzFam in late September and started learning the ways of the JPEG masters. Passionate about Web3 and Crypto, FRENLY FLYZ is the culmination of the NFT Degen lifestyle. The goal for 2022 is to work tirelessly with the FRENLY FLYZ team to take us to the MOON.

Garrincha (Shane Dunne) 

Community Manager

Shane explored NFTs back in April 2021 and finally took the plunge in September, with CryptoDads and The Sevens being his first projects. He has been in crypto since 2016.

Shane has a professional career in project management and volunteers as a moderator for over a dozen projects. He played football for Ireland and is an enthusiast of MLG Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Black Ops tournaments. Gamer and movie lover.

HecticFLYzza (Julius Belotindos) 

Social Media Manager

Julius ditched a TV production career in the Philippines to run a printing business online while living a secret life as a foodie micro-influencer on Instagram. Thought NFTs were a joke until Bam Alegre showed how he sold a JPEG for 12 ETH. Now has a love-hate relationship with Sky Mavis as an Axie Manager and couldn't help but see everything as NFTs. Grateful FuzzFam fledgling. Proud FRΞNLY FLYZ team member.

NPDG (Neil de Guzman) 

Marketing Strategist & Instagram Manager

Neil is a licensed Electronics Engineer from the Philippines and has since evolved into a Digital Marketer. Loves solving math problems as much as creating digital art. Addicted to sports and pop punk music. He was introduced to NFTs through NBA Top Shot last March 2021. Went full NFT degen in October 2021 by following Bam Alegre—all the way to FRΞNLY FLYZ. Oh, and Fuzz Fam.